I offer a range of services including the following:

  • Social work interventions for individuals, couples and families.
  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families, specialising in grief, adjustment to living with mental illness and/or disability.
  • Family work, including family violence and child safety.
  • Advocacy regarding mental illness and disability issues.
  • Social work supervision and mentoring.
  • Teaching regarding mental illness, disability, family violence, and child protection.
  • Facilitating vocational and recreational opportunities for those living with mental illness and/or disability.

All services can be carried out in face to face consultation or by phone, email, Skype and full tele-conferencing.

Professional and clinical supervision
Specific expertise and supervision interest: 

  • Child health and welfare,
  • Mental health and disability,
  • Autistic spectrum disorder and Intellectual disability,
  • Caring for the carers of the elderly, disabled and mentally ill,
  • Service user/consumer issues and advocacy,
  • Supervision of social work students on placement (can be negotiated with Massey/Otago universities),
  • Teaching in child protection in health services, family violence, childhood mental disorder and disability.

Supervision Style/Model:
Reflective Practice with a solution focus. Task and outcome focused. Promotion of safe ethical practice that is service user focused and based on recovery principles. Individual or group supervision, consultation, audio or video conferencing and or education provided at your agency venue.
Please contact me to discuss the most suitable service arrangements.

Service arrangements
Assessment and goal planning
This will be carried out in 1-2 sessions depending on the situation. The number of sessions will be reviewed as needed.  In cases where mild to moderate mental illness or physical health needs are identified, medical treatment options will be discussed and your care may need to be optimally carried out in cooperation with your GP.
Notes will be kept and retained in a locked cabinet and are for the purposes of assessment, goal identification, treatment planning and progress.
Sometimes it is necessary to share some of this information with certain people but this will only occur when agreed to by you.  A disclosure regarding this is part of the therapeutic contract.  Usually this sharing will occur with the GP, other identified health or welfare type services or occasionally close family or friends.  This is only done with your signed permission. An exception to this rule would only occur in situations where safety could be compromised.

Confidentiality/Safety and Risk
Service delivery will be conducted in accordance with the MANZASW ethical and practice standards.  If I consider that you are likely to endanger or cause harm to either yourself or another person, or you are at risk of harm from another person I retain the right to consult or inform an outside authority such as CYFS, your GP or the Police. I will endeavour to inform you of my decision and explain my reasons why prior to carrying out such an action.  However, I retain the right to do so without prior consultation with you should I consider that the urgency of the situation requires me to act immediately to safeguard the physical safety of yourself or others.

Professional Identity and Quality Assurance
I am a fully qualified Social Worker with post-graduate qualifications in Mental Health Science and in Social Service Supervision.  I am a long standing member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (MANZASW) and hold an up to date certificate of competency.  I am professionally registered with the NZ Social Workers Registration Board number 2924.

If you had any concerns regarding my practice you can talk with me or contact:
Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers at:
Ph: 03 349 0190.  Email:
Social Worker Registration Board at:
Ph: 04 931 2650.  Email:
Health and Disability Advocacy at:
Ph: 0800 555 050

Supervision contract
Counselling and social work services contract
Counselling and social work services information sheet

Phone/text 021-887767

Skype: heather.clay63