Bachelor of Social Science,University of Waikato, 1984
Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences, Social Policy and Social Work, Massey University, 1991, C.Q.S.W.
Social Work Registration Board No. 2924
Supervision in the Social Services (PG Certificate) University of Otago, 2007
Assessment and Treatment of Mental Disorder and Co-existing Alcohol and drug disorders. (PG Certificate), University of Otago, 2014
Clinical Rehabilitation (PG Certificate), University of Otago, 2017

Work Background and Focus

I have worked in publicly-funded health and disability services within the Canterbury and Southern District Health Boards in both urban and rural locations. Most of this work has been in child and adolescent mental health, emergency mental health care and older persons health. 
I have been involved in the psychological first aid and recovery care following the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes.
I have a private practice that focusses on these areas and clinical supervision.
I work alongside the non-government sector.

  • I am consumer/patient focussed.
  • I will incorporate family and carer perspectives.
  • I work alongside education and care organisations as needed.
  • I take an advocacy role.


Clay H., Surgenor L.J., & Frampton C.M., Assessing Emotional and Behavioural Problems in Children: Factors Associated with Multiple Informant Consistency in New Zealand, H. Clay, L. Surgenor, C. Frampton, New Zealand Journal of Psychology Vol. 37, No. 1, March 2008
Clay H. & Bobier C., The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Response to the Christchurch Earthquakes:  Have we recovered yet? Paper presented at Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference, Brisbane, April 2012

Other Interests

I enjoy the company of my family and spend as much time as possible with them.
I am involved in a number of outdoor pursuits including multi sport, mountaineering and skiing. I have climbed many of the major mountains in New Zealand.
I have traveled and worked abroad.
I have experienced the challenges involved in raising a now adult daughter, who has autistic spectrum disorder, fine and gross motor coordination problems and a mild intellectual disability.
I enjoy sharing and adapting my outdoor experiences with my husband and children. Together with family and friends we enjoy skiing, camping and related outdoor activities.
I have worked with or been on the boards of Autism New Zealand, Adaptive Snowsports New Zealand, Riding for the Disabled, and Special Olympics NZ (equestrian and snow sports). I was a member of the Disability Advisory Committee of the Southern DHB.


Phone/text: 021-887767

Skype: heather.clay63