I am a qualified Social Worker with 30 years' experience in clinical practice in the mental health and disability sector in publicly funded health services. I have 20 years experience as a social work supervisor and mentor both in publicly funded health and the non-government sector.

I have specific interests and expertise in child and adolescent mental health and disability and have experience and expertise with families adjusting to health and disability issues.

I have considerable experience in adult mental health issues and ideally work with people in the context of their family/whanau and the environment within which they live and work.

I am available to act as an advocate for individuals and families experiencing difficulties with other systems (Health, Welfare, Educational or Vocational) accepting health or disability issues.

I believe there is a place for all in our society to live work and play without discrimination and without exception. I strongly adhere to the principles as set out in the Treaty of Waitangi, I practice without prejudice and have no tolerance for individuals or groups marginalising others.

I offer social work interventions, counselling, family work, advocacy, supervision and mentoring. I can work in conjunction with GP or Specialist care as needed.

Professional identify and QA


I am a fully qualified Social Worker with Post-Graduate qualifications in Mental Health Science and in Social Service Supervision. I am a long standing member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (MANZASW) and hold an up to date certificate of competency. I am professionally registered with the NZ Social Workers Registration Board, number 2924.

I am currently based in Central Otago but often travel to Christchurch.

Home visits
These can be made with prior arrangement.

Remote consultation
Remote consultation is done via phone, email or Skype/full tele-conferencing.

Organisations I Work With
I work closely with the following organisations:

Advantage South

Central Lakes Family Services

Community Networks Wanaka

Hospice Southland 

$80 per hour, negotiable for special circumstances, e.g., for those with a disability allowance.
Full teleconferencing involves an additional charge of approximately $160/hr.

Payment is to be made each session by cash or direct credit. Please contact me if you want to change a pre-arranged times.

Direct Credit account BNZ: 02-0800-0593529-00
Reference: name or invoice number


Phone/text: 021-887767

Skype: heather.clay63